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 Skyline Outfitters, LLC operates on the family 72,000 acre cattle ranch in NE Wyoming. We have a passion for people, wildlife, hard work and preserving our heritage of hunting for future generations. Being a licensed Wyoming outfitter specializing in fully guided elk hunting, whitetail deer hunting, mule deer hunting, antelope hunting, turkey hunting and prairie dog hunting, we would love to have you come hunt with us on your next adventure!


Call About our 2024 hunts still Available!

Elk Hunt

Bulls bugling in the timber that make the hair on

your neck stand up. 

Sept.-Oct. hunt with either bow or rifle.  


Deer Hunt

Spot and stalk hunt Mule Deer and Whitetail in October or hunt them during the rut in November.

Antelope Hunt

Pursue North America's fastest land animal. Three day hunt or do a five day deer/antelope combo in October.

Spring & Fall Turkey 

The sound of Merriam Gobblers in the crisp Wyoming morning air make for a great hunt!

Prairie Dog Hunt

8,000+ acres of prairie dog towns where your can shoot till your barrel melts! If you want trigger time, this hunt is for you!

Gen. James T. Conway

(Ret.) 34th Commandant USMC

"Shawn, Very much enjoyed getting to know you during our recent hunt in NE Wyoming. I was really impressed with your knowledge of game animal routine on your ranch, and your ability to bring them into range! Stay strong, Marine! Semper Fidelis"

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