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Merriam Turkey Hunts

     This hunt will start typically around April 10th and end May 20th in Area 1, and Area 3 beginning April 1-May 20th. Turkey hunts are 3 (three) days, 4 nights long with a minimum of 3 hunters. You will hunt via four wheel drive, spot/stalk, blind and calling in style hunting, which ever you prefer. Please bring your own gear. This will be a semi-guided hunt where we take you out the evening before and show you the property and where the birds have been seen as of late and then we turn you loose. In essence, you are getting a trespass on a vast property for great turkey hunting, a comfortable place to stay on the ranch you are hunting and with the birds already scouted out for you. We do offer a 2nd bird if you wish for an extra $1000 after you harvest it.


This hunt includes lodging but does not include meals. The camp has a full kitchen at your disposal and you may bring your own groceries. All processing, taxidermy, and shipping of turkeys is the sole responsibility of the hunter.


     In May 2016 we had the privilege of having General James Conway (Ret.), the 34th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, come turkey hunting with us here at Skyline Outfitters. Shawn had a great time hunting with the General and proud to have served under him during his time in the USMC. The General harvested a great tom and was impressed with the quality of hunting on the ranch.

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