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Meet Waldo
Nick Stineman WT 2018
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20181008_123955 (2)
Big Gnarly Muley _skylineoutfitters take
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20181001_095142 (2)
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IMG_1198 (2)
The big one
101_2566 (2)
IMG_1059 (2)
Not a bad buck to end the season on! 7 h
T Browne
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Trophy Mule Deer, Trophy White-Tail Deer and Management Mule Deer Hunts

We have two deer seasons on the ranch since it is located in two different hunting areas. The area on the west side of the ranch for both species of deer is open for rifle hunts Oct. 1-20. The rifle season on the east side of the ranch runs from Nov. 1-20 for mule deer where you can gun hunt during the rut.  The whitetail rut hunt is a full month and runs Nov. 1-30. If you would like to hunt archery only, that season begins Sept. 1 up until the rifles seasons start in both hunting areas on the ranch. You may hunt with a bow during rifle season but you must wear blaze orange. All deer hunt packages are 2-on-1 guided with the option of an upgrade to 1-on-1. When you draw a general deer tag for our hunt areas, it is not species specific so it is viable for any of our offered deer packages. The trophy mule deer hunt package is 5 days, trophy whitetail hunt package is 4 days and the management mule deer hunt package is 3 days.  

Package # 1. (5 DAY HUNT) A trophy mule deer is going to be a mature typical 4x4 or more points buck ranging in size from 155 inch to 175 inch, and often bigger. When you purchase a trophy mule deer package, it includes the option to harvest a trophy whitetail or management mule deer (Package 2 or 3) in place of the package #1 mule deer if you so choose while in the field.

Package # 2. (4 DAY HUNT) The trophy whitetail we have on the ranch are going to be in that 145 inch to 165 inch range. Be prepared to make quick shots or long shots on the whitetail bucks being that in this more open country, they don't give you much time or are often at 300+ yards when you can take a good shot. They are a challenge; the memories, and experience you will gain while hunting the open country whitetail on this ranch will verify that your are a true western hunter. When you purchase a trophy whitetail package, it includes the option to harvest a management or cull mule deer (Package 3 or 4) in place of the whitetail if you so choose while in the field.

Package # 3. (3 DAY HUNT)  The MANAGEMENT (3x3)mule deer is a buck with 3 main points on each side or less. These bucks will not grow into the trophy 4x4 class of bucks or are mature aged deer and most likely past their prime. This includes the option of harvesting a giant Cull buck(package 4) while in the field if you choose. Great hunt to start your lifetime of western adventures.

Package # 4. (3 DAY HUNT)  The CULL (2x2) mule deer hunt is taking bucks that are usually a giant 2x2s. They are bucks with less than desirable genes that would be best taken out of the breeding pool and are sometimes just old bucks that are passed their prime. Both the Management and Cull buck hunts are great entry level, lower budget and or youth deer hunts. Experience the exact same hunt as the Trophy hunt, but help the herd out and not hurt the pocket book as bad!

A standard deer hunt consist of you arriving at Skyline on Sunday afternoon, hunt the amount of days included in your package and departing the following morning. The majority of the deer hunting will be four wheel drive or UTV with spot and stalk. We can also do blind hunts on crop ground.  The white-tail that compose around 25% of our deer population frequent the river bottoms and crop ground. The mule deer inhabit the ground from the river all the way up into the pine covered ridges and make up the remaining 75% of the deer on the ranch. Over the last 5 years, we have experienced a 100% harvest rate on the deer hunt.

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