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Skyline Arms

We will offer custom built rifles to fit your hunting and shooting needs. We will build rifles off of Rem. 700 action footprints. All rifles will be tested with ammo that works best in that particular rifle for your needs.

-Barrels will be stainless steel Krieger or Proof Research carbon fiber.

-Stocks - H&S Precision, AG Composite, etc.

-Calibers - 6.5 mm, 7mm, and .30 cal. etc.

-Long range and hunting style scopes made by Huskemaw or Leupold (your choice) will be mounted and ready to go. Other options are available upon request.
-We also offer premier factory rifles set up and ready to go to the field or range with your choice of optics.

-Please call for more details, options and prices.                     
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