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Congrats Bob on your bull! “HE IS RIGHT
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Hunt Big Bulls in ELK AREAS 129 and 117 of Eastern Wyoming

     The hunt in Area 129 will start September 1st and end October 31st. This will be a call in/spot and stalk type hunt on foot. The bulls will be bugling and in the rut at this time and will be an exciting  5 (five) day hunt. Area 129 allows the use of a bow as well as a rifle during the rut which makes it a very rare opportunity to harvest some great bulls. In addition, the highest elevation that we will hunt is 4100 ft. The terrain is fairly rugged with deep canyons and Ponderosa pine trees.  In order to maintain quality in the herd, we will only allow a small number of mature bulls to be harvested from the ranch each year. The bulls that have been taken from the ranch in the last few years have been in the 320+ class, most in the 340 to 370 class, with the largest bull scoring 383 in. gross. We intend to only take 300+ inch or bigger bulls. We do also harvest cow elk through the end of October.


     The Area 117 hunt will be the last 2 weeks in October. We have approximately 8,000 acres of private ranches leased to hunt in this area. This is an area that requires 4 to 5 preference points for a non-resident to draw a tag but that being so, there are some large trophy bulls to be had with low hunting pressure due to a lot of private ground and limited hunters in the area. The terrain is about 4800 ft elevation with deep canyons and Ponderosa pines that come down into hay meadows and creek bottoms that are frequented by the the elk in the mornings and evenings. 


     These are 100% free range, fair chase hunts with no high fences. Both of these hunts are fully guided 5 day hunts with lodging and meals provided, field care of your trophy, and transportation in the field. Not included is your travel to camp, license fee, meat processing, taxidermy, and gratuity for your guide and cook.


Please contact us for availability and more information on this experience of a life-time!


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