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Hunting camp is a little snowy this morn
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Whitetail hanging out by the swing this


The Lodge and Camp

     The newly built Skyline Lodge is complete with a fully stocked kitchen, bathrooms, dining area and rec area. Through the big windows to the east you can watch the sun rise over the Little Missouri Buttes and Devil's Tower while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. The lounge area is complete with comfortable leather couches to sit and visit around the fireplace about the day’s adventures. It also has a TV/DVD  player to watch movies and hunting shows during down times. 


     Meals for big game hunts will be served in the lodge for breakfast and supper. Everyone gathers around the table to share the stories of the day and the best home cooking around. The lunch bar will be stocked with all the lunchables and goodies you will need for a sack lunch to pack along each day in the field. Turkey and prairie dog hunters are responsible for their own meals and are more than welcome to use the full kitchen in the lodge during their stay.

     A maximum of ten (10) hunters will be in camp at any given time. Hunters are able to park their vehicles within feet of their cabins. Hunters will stay in small 2 man cabins or a modular home on site (special arrangements can be made for families)  that include single beds, a few chairs, electric lighting and heat, boot dryers, night stand and shelves for your gear. Each cabin has a bathroom that includes a hot shower, flushing toilet, and sink. These cabins each have a porch with a great view of the Little Missouri Buttes to the east with a campfire ring out front.

     A short walk from camp is the rifle range. There is a 100 yard target that you will be able to make sure your rifle is still zeroed in after traveling to Skyline and before you begin your hunt. From there on out to 1500 yards are multiple steel gongs to test your long range skills.  It will be mandatory that all hunters zero in their rifle to ensure ethical kills during the hunt.

     Also on the ranch, we have a shop with a walk-in cooler and freezer where animals harvested can be hung, cooled, skinned and meat frozen solid. We work closely with Dan French Taxidermy, who can pick up your trophy at camp and have it mounted and delivered to your home in as little as 3 months. If this is what you would like, your guide will cape it to the base of skull and freeze it for you at no extra cost. If you would like to take the cape and horns home to your own taxidermist, deer and elk must be caped off the skull and all brain matter disposed of per the law because of possible spread of CWD. If you do wish to do this, we do charge $50 to cape off the skull for deer and $75 for elk. If you would like to have your meat de-boned and froze for your trip home, we do offer that service for a fee. If you would like to cut up your meat yourself, you're welcome to use the facility, if available, at no charge.

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