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A couple fellow Marines came out to the
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Rifle Antelope Hunts

The rifle hunt starts October 1st and end October 31st.   These rifle hunts are 2 (two) days long and are 2-on-1 guided and can be upgraded to 1-on-1. The type of hunt will be four wheel drive to the area we want to hunt then spot and stalk. Be prepared to do a lot of glassing, seeing hundreds of goats, and to shoot off of shooting sticks or have a bi-pod attached to your rifle since in the open country is imperative that you stay low to get within shooting range of the sharpest eyes on the prairie.  Shots can vary from 75 to 450 yards. Most shots will be in that 300 yard range due to our wide open country.  A typical buck antelope harvested on the ranch will be in the 12 in. to 14 in. range. Some will be bigger. To date we have experienced a 100% success rate on antelope hunts. We also do antelope doe hunts in addition to a buck if you are looking for more meat. These “speed goats” offer an exciting hunt that will have your heart pounding trying to outwit them in the open country.


Archery Antelope Hunts

The bow hunts will begin in early September. Blinds will be set up near water holes frequented by antelope prior to the hunters’ arrival. A guide will drop off the hunter early in the morning at the blind. The hunter will be given the supplies needed to wait for the big buck to walk by. We can also do spot and stalk hunts as well. Archery hunts will be 4 (four) days long.

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