Skyline Outfitters, LLC is a fully licensed, insured, authorized and permitted to operate on Wyoming’s National Forests, BLM lands, State lands, and leased Private lands. Skyline Outfitters, LLC is an equal opportunity service provider / employer. (Wyoming Outfitters License # BG-093)

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Prairie Dog Hunts

There is nothing better than shooting at endless targets and only pausing to let your barrel cool down. We offer 8,000+ acres of prime prairie dog shooting. The best action is when the pups come up. This is usually May 15th thru June 20th each year. You will be able to shoot from dawn till dusk. We recommend bringing multiple rifles and plenty of ammo.  Ranges vary from 100 yards out to 1000+ yards. It is all up to you and how far you want to reach out. Expect to fire 100 to 200 rounds per day with a bolt gun and even more with an AR platform rifle. If the weather is too rainy to get out to the prairie dog towns, you can still test your skill at our 700 yard range with indoor shooting benches. We even have one target at 1.1 miles to try your luck at. We offer several packages for the prairie dog hunting. You can either stay in Gillette, WY or stay at Skyline and enjoy the wide open spaces. Each is a minimum of a two day hunt with a minimum of two shooters. If you are interested in the prime shooting of May and June, we usually booked up that time frame by the end of January, so don't delay in setting up your hunt with us.